Introducing Loosecubes: Coworking Anywhere, Anytime

Loosecubes is offering a new product that is clever and simple.  Write an easy to use mobile website that let's users leverage their Twitter account into coworking events that suit their needs so they can work where they want, when they want and be more productive with the company of fellow professionals.  This takes the traditional coworking model and flips it over to the masses.  Anyone can "host" a coworking event that can be geared toward specific themes or tasks.
Source: TechCrunch

Partnering with Instant Jelly for technical support, users visit the mobile site (ij.lcub.es) on their smartphone to enter a new coworking event, along with their name, the location and the theme.  The coworking events can take place anywhere - a cafe, the library, an office space, or your home.  The founder, Campbell McKellar envisions Loosecubes becoming a social network for coworking and hopes to keep adding social features as the service begins to roll out.

McKellar offers this example to help illustrate how the service works: "People with industry designations could fan a page and people could evaluate the site based on the profiles of the people who friended it like, 'Oh these people are like me they’re all writers.' Finding a place to work in a hotel lobby is a lot different than having someone work with you for the day."

If a base of users begins to take shape, this could change the way we cowork and make those anonymous afternoons in the cafe much more interesting.  Loosecubes primarily is a clearinghouse for finding a coworking space to rent in your area.  There are listings from all over the US as well as many international cities.

For more information, check out Loosecubes online or the TechCrunch review.

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