Connect by Hertz is First In Line for Renault EV

Hertz announced this week that it will be one of the first buyers of the new Twizy EV from Renault.  Connect by Hertz will add 500 Twizy units to its fleet over the next two years across its European locations.  The Twizy (pictured below) is a small, practical vehicle, designed for city-driving.  It combines motor bike and motor vehicle technologies and is priced at $9,600.

Renault is launching the Twizy for sale later this year.  The company is also releasing other electric vehicles as well, including the Zoe, the Fluence and the Kangoo Z.E.  Hertz has signed a letter of intent to add these models to its fleet as well.  Drivers can expect to be driving the Twizy by the beginning of 2012.

Source: TheGreenCarWebsite.com
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