Communauto to Add 50 Nissan Leaf to Fleet in July 2011

Nissan hopes to build stronger consumer support and better consumer education for its all-electric Leaf through a partnership with Montreal carsharing service, Communauto.  The 50 Leaf vehicles will be added to the Communauto fleet of 1,200 cars in July to help promote the vehicle sales and adoption rates in Canada.  Communauto will charge the same rates for the Leaf as other conventional vehicles in its fleet and will install fifty charging stations across to accommodate for the vehicles.
Source: Nissan Leaf homepage

Nissan sees an advantage in the marketing exposure that comes along with a carshare program, where vehicles are located throughout of heavily trafficked neighborhoods and driven frequently.  Additionally, Communauto has more than 23,000 members, some of whom will be among the first drivers of the new EV in Canada.

The Leaf factory in Japan is producing 50,000 vehicles in 2011 with 27,000 of those having been pre-ordered through reservation lists in the US and Japan.

Link to original article from Lynn Moore at the Montreal Gazette.

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