Eat Good Food and Make New Friends Using EatWithMe

About a month ago I posted about a start-up in Philadelphia called MealTik, who launched a platform for neighbors to host meals for other neighbors for free or a small cost per serving.  Since its pilot launch, MealTik, has pulled down the service while a more refined website and service is in the works.  This past week a collaborative consumption blog-mate, Unstash, brought a similar company to my radar.  EatWithMe, currently  operating in primarily Australia, brings meal sharing to neighborhoods with a more socially-minded twist.
Source: EatWithMe.net

Founders Liisa Vurma, Jaanus, Torp, Thomas Vaht, and Bethany Jones envision a food sharing community that brings people together to build lasting friendships.  The simple mission of the company is to bring people to eat together, not alone.  The beta-test of the company is under way is has had reasonable success, with more than 500 members.  Although the project is based in Melbourne and I was unable to find any events planned in the US, my colleagues at Unstash were able to find neighbors to eat with in Toronto.  Meal sharing ideas like this help build stronger and more connected communities, and I think we could all use a little help in tearing down some of the digital and physical barriers that isolate our lives.

Link to Unstash blog post.

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  1. Hi, thank you for the article. Just to let you know that MealTik launched officially yesterday in Philadelphia, and received great attention, including from Philly's Mayor Michael Nutter. Check this: http://www.facebook.com/mealtik