Sydney Carsharing Booming with GoGet Leading the Way

After the first cars were introduced in Marrickville (outside of Sydney) by GoGet in 2003, Sydney and its surrounding areas have more than 450 carshare vehicles.  More and more residents are foregoing or selling their vehicles to join carsharing and hopping back on public transportation.

GoGet, the market leader, started with a fleet of three vehicles and currently operates a fleet of 414 vehicles with more than 10,000 members.  Nic Lowe, the co-founder of GoGet, believes there is a market for as many as 2,000 vehicles in Sydney and hopes to grow the market to the scale of other international cities, like London and New York.  GoGet is challenged by smaller competitors, like Flexicar (partner of Hertz since November 2010), who currently operates only three cars.

As local law makers have been convinced of the benefits of carsharing, the market is expected to continue to grow.  Last year in Sydney, council members passed a law requiring one carshare parking space for every 50 apartments in new developments.  GoGet has seen growth rates of approximately 70 percent per year since 2003. 

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