Gen Y More Utilitarian About Transportation

Generation Y is represents a major shift in mental models about driving and transportation.  As the largest generation ever in America at 80 million people, Gen Y will shape consumer and lifestyle trends for decades to come.  And these individuals view car ownership as more of a burden and a harm to the environment than a status or sex symbol.  They are proving that they would rather be heading to the bus stop than the car lot.
Source: Bryan College Station homepage
Between 1995 and 2010, drivers aged 21-30 share of total miles driven has decreased from 21% to 14%. This is a seriously significant statistical decrease, considering the shear size of the generation that is moving into this age group. Further, the qualitative evidence also supports this notion. These drivers have a different mentality in regards to automobile commuting. They prefer public transit systems that make commuting time more productive.

“It’s a matter of mind-set far more than affordability,” says William Draves, president of Learning Resources Network, an association that studies consumer trends and provides education and training services. “This generation focuses its buying on computers, BlackBerrys, music and software and views commuting a few hours by car a huge productivity waste when they can work using PDAs while taking the bus and train,” says Draves.

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