Get Your "To Do List" Accomplished with Runners from TaskRabbit

As I begin to absorb and discover more of the innovation in the collaborative consumption niche, I am continually impressed with the creativity and intuition of many business starters.  TaskRabbit, established in the spring of 2008 originally as RUNmyERRAND, uses the power of the community to help people get everyday tasks completed.  Currently operating in Boston and San Francisco, the company allows users (Senders) to list any task that needs completing - dog-walking, packing, grocery pickup, graphic design, etc. - and pre-qualified "Runners" will sign up to do them for you.

Senders are responsible for pricing their tasks competitively, so runners will be interested in completing them.  For example, a user posted the task, "Shovel two cars on the same block out of their snowy spots for $36."  TaskRabbit Runners are allowed to counter-offer tasks.  Users help Runners build reputations with ratings and reviews.  TaskRabbit states a goal "to get the Sender the best price, get the Runner the money they want to earn, and include a service that helps us keep the lights on."

In 2011, TaskRabbit is celebrating the Year of the Rabbit with RabbitRewards.  Senders will be rewarded one free task for every two tasks completed.  CEO and found Leah Busque offered these thoughts for the Year of the Rabbit, "We are so excited for the Year of the Rabbit.  We now call 2011 the 'Year of Collaborative Consumption,' which describes the rapid rise in swapping, sharing, and bartering facilitated through the latest technologies and peer-to-peer marketplaces."

Link to press release on the RabbitRewards program from PR Newswire.

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