Welcome the World's First Vehicle Intended for Carsharing

Carsharing must be more than a fad when you see auto manufacturers designing vehicles specifically for sales to carshare fleet owners.  EDAG, the German engineering company, will have a new version of the concept car at this year's Geneva motor show.  The vehicle is not intended for sales to individual owners but specifically for fleet operators.  The vehicle below is decked out in a number of features that make it attractive for carshare companies and more convenient for carshare members to drive.
The EDAG Light Car Concept (Source: plugincars.com)

Features include:

  • The frame is extra tall (6'3" to be exact) with large doors to allow the taller and larger members to easily get into and out of the vehicle.  
  • The interior is stripped down to the basics and does not include a single storage compartment to avoid the possibility for drivers to leave personal articles behind.  The interior is designed with easy cleaning and wear-and-tear in mind.
  • The motor is 100% electric.  It's range is reasonably far (62 miles) with a maximum speed of (62 mph).  The limitations reduced manufacturing costs significantly while still accommodating typical carshare trips around major cities. 
  • There are LED lights allover the exterior of the vehicle.  Some of the LED panels are green (when the vehicle is available for rent) and red (when it's been reserved).  Other LED panels are intended for advertisements
  • The rear bumper is equipped with a projection light that can display vehicle availability or information for the following driver.
  • Accessing the vehicle is entirely electronic, using Bluetooth technology in smartphones.  GPS helps users locate available vehicles nearby.
  • Vehicles will need to be returned at special charging stations.  The car is designed with a wireless induction charging system that does not need to be plugged in.  
This concept is pretty amazing.  When properly designed for its needs, the carshare vehicle is an entirely different way to travel.

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