It's Music to Your Ears...From a Stranger

Take a CD, Leave a CD is more of a social experiment than a business plan, but I love the idea.  I am a not a music maven, but I do love to discover new artists.  The idea is promoting participation from ZipCar drivers to leave CD's at the end of rentals and feel free to take CD's that have been left by others.  It's promoting a behavior to share your favorite new music with strangers and discover the favorite music of others.

Founder, Bernard Barry, provides printable CD labels or stickers on the idea's homepage.  He was inspired after finding a stray CD in a ZipCar during a rental.  PSFK shared this writeup:
The idea for Take a CD, Leave a CD was developed by designer Bernard Barry after finding an album, presumably left behind on accident, in a Zipcar he recently rented. For Zipcar members, music options have been limited since the company parted ways with XM satellite radio in 2007, but now, an old form of music sharing could add a new element of listening enjoyment to your ride.
Next time you rent a car, you may discover a new band or an old favorite thanks to a previous Zipster purposely leaving their mixtape behind. The website offers a free PDF available to print your own stickers or suggests simply using a marker to communicate your intent.
While this has no affiliation with Zipcar’s parent company, most people familiar with the brand could easily imagine this type of idea being embraced.

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