Interview with ParkatmyHouse Founder

His idea is simple - if you live somewhere that people would like to park, you can rent your parking space in your driveway or your front yard at ParkatmyHouse.com.  And if you need affordable convenient parking for a special event or for work, check out the listings on the website for a parking space near you.  Over at Collaborative Consumption, they've recently interviewed ParkatmyHouse founder, Anthony Eskinazi.

Below are some of excerpts from the interview that I found most interesting:
ParkatmyHouse aims to…
provide a convenient and cheaper parking alternative while simultaneously providing an opportunity for home and business owners to earn from their under-utilised land.

The idea came …
while I was looking for a parking space in a residential suburb in San Francisco near a major baseball ground. There was a lack of on-street parking but plenty of unused residential parking available. I wanted to knock on the lady’s door, offer her a “tenner” and it’s win-win!

I believe it’s the right moment for ParkatmyHouse to take off because …
we are still feeling the effects of the recent financial crisis and for many households, an additional 30 pounds per week can make a significant difference. With petrol prices hitting record levels, ParkatmyHouse can help reduce the overall cost of motoring by finding cheaper and more convenient parking spaces.. 
The biggest challenge to overcome is …
raising awareness of the concept and changing the current mindset of drivers who currently only look for parking once they’ve already reached their destination.

The biggest benefit of ParkatmyHouse is …
not only are we making our members over 1m pounds per year from renting out their parking spaces, we enable drivers to find cheaper and more convenient parking spaces. Using an online tool, we are able to help reduce the effect of one of the world’s most frustrating travel problems."
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