Messaging Opportunity in Rising Fuel Costs for Carsharing

The New York Times reviewed the Consumer Price Index on a year-over-year basis, comparing March 2010 to March 2011.  Since I love any well-organized, graphical data, I thought I would share and comment on a couple of data points that relate to and support our expanding Shared Economy.  

Source: New York Times via Uncluttered White Spaces

The largest jump is in transportation costs, specifically a 27.5% jump in gasoline prices.  This comes as no shock but will have a huge effect in pushing automobile traffic back toward more energy efficient forms of transportation.  Any city should expect rising ridership on its public buses and subways in 2011.  Automobile sales will shift toward hybrids even more heavily than they already are and many would-be car-buyers may opt to wait and see if they can find more cost-effective means of travel.  Here lies the big opportunity for collaborative consumption!

Carsharing companies should be leveraging this moment to communicate and establish their value proposition.  As fuel costs continue to rise or even hold steady at current levels, those who prefer their car as a primary transportation mode may be more willing than ever to hear a marketing pitch on why carsharing can work for them.  The opportunity to tell the carsharing story is as ripe as it has ever been.

Thanks to Uncluttered White Spaces for the article from the New York Times.

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